1. have the (an) advantage over (of) 优于,比……占有优势。如:

He has an advantage over me for he knows some French. 由于他懂点法语,所以比我的条件有利。

You have the advantage over (of) me in experience. 你经验比我丰富。

有时用动词 gain, get 等。如:

They gained an advantage over the enemy. 他们比敌人占优势。

2. take advantage of

(1) 利用(机会、时机等)。如:

They took advantage of the fine weather to play tennis. 他们利用好天气去打了网球。

(2) 利用(某人的处境、弱点等)。如:

He always took full advantage of the mistakes made by his rivals. 他总是充分利用对手所犯的错误。

(3) 欺骗(某人),捉弄(某人),占(某人的)便宜。如:

He has always been taking advantage of me. 他老是在占我的便宜。

3. to sb’s advantage对某人有利。如:

The present world situation is to our advantage. 目前的世界形势对我们有利。

It will be to your advantage to study abroad. 出国学习将对你有利。