do(does, did) 的用法



  How did you know about it?你是怎样知道这件事的。

  He does not smoke. 他不抽烟。


  He did tell that.他的确告诉了此事。

  Do come and see us.一定来看我们。


  -You like popular music, don't you?你喜欢流行音乐,是吧?

  -Yes , I do.是的,我喜欢。

  He speaks French as fluently as she does.他讲法语和她讲的一样流利。


  Never did he pay attention to my words.他从不注意我的话。

  Only then did I understand the importance of English.只是那时,我才了解到英语的重要性。


  Don't be so careless.不要那么粗心。

  Do not hesitate to come for help.只管来求助。